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Site History: MacKiDo - 3
How MacKiDo has evolved: Domain!

By:David K. Every
©Copyright 1999

MacKiDo rev-3

-- until March 11, 1997

I got my own domain (, and started advertising far more. Not paid advertising, just adding myself to all the search engines and asking for links from all the Mac pages I could find. I tried some of the link-exchange sites, and "rings". They helped a bit.

I decided that frames were just not worth it, and with the new Domain, it was back to non-frames. This was more work for me, because any changes to the look of a file (control section) required that I change ALL files on my site, and make sure all the changes got in. Already this was 200 pages! But it's a better experience for the user.

The Links section had grown. Since I was asking for links from others, I had to link back to them. So this was getting to be lots of work. Of course cross links helped MacKiDo directly, and helped indirectly. (Web-Spiders -- programs that search the web for the Search Engines, keep scores on sites based on other links to them. The more links to a site, the higher up in the "search queues" they become).

I decided to create graphical button for the controls, instead of text controls. I was hoping that this would give me some chances to just change the picture of a control, without having to rename the control on every page -- and they looked better, fit in less area.

I also decided to use a trick of HTML and create some meta-tags (comments) to mark the start and end of sections, which would make global changes easier. This is the most important thing you can learn about large site maintenance -- USE METATAGS! (There will be an article in this section about them)

The hits were really taking off over the previous months -- up to around 6,000 (that was an increase of 1,000 or up 20% total in a few days)


  1. Frame are still evil! Avoid them.
  2. If you start getting serious, then Register your own domain. It is not much money and it will make you look far more legitimate, and you can actually give people your URL (verbally) and some will remember it! If your ISP won't support them (or will charge you too much), then you probably want a better ISP / WebProvider anyway.
  3. Exchange links with others. Quid Pro Quo. Don't forget who has helped you.
  4. Don't go Grapics crazy -- remember like 'KISS' (Keep It Simple Stupid) -- well on the internet that should be, "It's the CONTENT, stupid!"
  5. Metatags are mana from the Gods for large sites (or sites that are going to become larger). If you plan on having over about 10 pages, then think metatags!
  6. Small text must be on a solid colored background to be readable. (This was why I created picture buttons -- because I had a textured background). 

Created: 3/10/98
Updated: 11/09/02

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