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Philosophy of MacKiDo...
The way to find enlightenment through the Power of Macintosh.

By: David K. Every
(C) 1997 - All Rights Reserved

To you seekers of understanding, look no further. For the path to understanding is at hand. This site is about defending the truth against those less than honest (or informed). Here I try to crush ignorance under the mighty hand of facts, and to shine the light of knowledge into the darkness caused by marketing and misinformation (which are the same thing).

MacKiDo - 101

We each make choices every single day that effect our "selves". Even simple choices, like which computer we buy, says a lot about ourselves, what we believe in and what we stand for.

  • If you want to be a follower, and are afraid to challenge the status quo, then I recommend that you buy a PC - its the "safe" and brainless choice.
  • If you have an ounce of creativity, are willing to take chances, or want to buy the best tool for the job - then buy a Mac.

Every decision you make will effect you. Make them wisely, but don't beat yourself up over your mistakes, live, learn, go on (and buy a Mac for your next computer).

The Mac is not what many have been told it is. There are plenty of Applications, it has reached critical mass, there are plenty of developers, there are many satisfied users, it is faster, it is easier to use, it is the better tool. We must challenge our biases with the truth and see if they are righteous. Those who have taken that challenge own Macs.

Life is too short to waste time being frustrated by your computer. Mac users understand this, they want the best tool, even if it pisses off the group thinkers by its nonconformity. If you are willing to challenge the system and make the best choices, based on your beliefs, then you are also likely to become a raging advocate for your informed decisions as well. This is why Mac users often have such strong beliefs -- they want to help people to grow and be as happy and proud as they are. They know that they made the right decisions because they are informed. Mac Advocates are not going to buy into the group thinking mind-numbing unreasoned and illogical fluff, thrust upon them daily by the uninformed and preprogrammed Gates worshiping weenies! They think for themselves -- which is why most of the really creative thinkers have Macs. Look at the universities, artists, movie studios, publishers and the homes of the top few % - and they have Macs. Mac users may be only 10% of the market, but they are the top 10%!

Make every decision in life knowing that soon you will be on your deathbed - reflecting on your life and remembering the decisions you made. Think about your immediate decision and think "will this decision be something I'm proud of at the end" -or- "am I making the wrong decision because its easier".

If more people did this, the world would be a much better place.
If more people did this, then more people would buy Macs.

Remember - Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately it kills all of its pupils. Learn before its too late!

My passion for helping people to choose Macs is not because I like Apple, or dislike PC's. It is because I enjoy my job - Engineering; making good UI's and Software for people to use. The Mac is better at that, and so I defend the truth. There is my passion. Defending what is good and pure and true -- against corruption, hacks and lies.

Now get out there and buy more Macs! Take it easy and keep on Mac'in -

~ The MacKiDo Warrior

Created: 02/27/97
Updated: 11/09/02

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