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Who's who at Sun?

Scott McNealy, Sun Info

Chairman, CEO and President - 1982

Helped found the company in 1982. Took current position in 1984.

Ken Alvares, Sun Info

Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Executive Officer - 1992

Formerly Vice President of Presonnel for Frito Lay.

Founder of Personnel Development, Inc.

Vice President of Human Resources for Nichols Institute.

BS in psychology from Indiana University, MA and Ph.D in industriaal/organizational psychology from the University of Illinois.

Alan Baratz, Sun Info

President, Javasoft - 1/96

Formerly President and CEO of Delphi.

Served as director of strategic development and several other senior management positions with IBM.

Bachelor's degree in mathematics from UCLA, master's and Ph.D in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lawrence W. Hambly, Sun Info

President, SunService Division and Corporate Executive Officer - 1983

Formerly Vice President of Marketing for Sun.

President of Sun Microsystems Federal.

Vice President of Sales and Service for the Western U.S.

Held sales management and engineering positions with Symbolics, Inc., Data General, Rockwell International, Logicon and General Research Corp.

Bachelor's degree in physics from Montana State University, master's degree in physics from California State University Los Angeles.

Michael E. Lehman, Sun Info

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Executive Officer - 1987

Formerly Vice President and Corporate Controller.

Director of Finance and Administrtion for Sun's Asia subsidiaries.

Assistant Corporate Controller and External Reporting Manager.

Senior Manager for Price Waterhouse's San Francisco office.

Bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin.

Serves on the board of directors of the American Electronics Association, the Western Advisory Board of Allendale Mutual Insurance Company, and the board of advisors of the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business.

William Raduchel, Sun Info

Vice President, Corporate Planning and Development and Chief Information Officer - 10/88

Formerly Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

Vice President for Document Systems for Xerox Corp.'s Strategic Business Office.

Acting Vice President of Xerox's Human Services Business.

Senior Vice President of Market Development and Chief Scientist at McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Held several executive positions at Data REsources, Inc., the Institute of Defense Analysis, and Harvard University.

BA in economics from Michigan State University, MA and Ph.D in economics from Harvard.

Janpieter Scheerder, Sun Info

President, SunSoft, Inc. - 1991

Formerly Vice President and General Manager of Network Servers and Information Product Group for Sun Microsystems Computer Company.

Vice President and General Manager of the SOLARIS Product Group for SunSoft.

Vice President for Aviioon System engineering.

BSEE in electrical engineering from HTS UTRECHT in Holland.

Chet Silvestri, Sun Info

President, Sun Microelectronics

Formerly Vice President of Marketing for MIPS Computer Systems.

Vice President and General Manager of Technology Products Group at Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Vice President of Marketing for Megatest Corp.

BSEE and MSEE degrees from Michigan State University, MBA from Harvard University.

Edward J. Zander, Sun Info

President, Sun Microsystems Computer Company and Corporate Executive Officer - 1987

Formerly President of SunSoft, Inc.

Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Vice President of Marketing for Apollo Computer.

Held various senior marketing management positions at Data General.

BSEE from Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute, MBA from Boston University.

Serves on the board of directors of the Jason Foundation for Education, National Association of Manufacturers - Bay Area Council, Documentum, Inc., and the Science Advisory Board of RPI.

Network, Sun Info

Mascot, Sun Microsytems, Inc. - 7/91

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.