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Evil Empire
News about the spread of darkness, and the WinTel camp.

By:David K. Every
©Copyright 1999

7/5/97 -- NT Lies - A ZDNet must read article for those who want a little more truth about NT. It's a little puffy and watered down -- but the jist is almost there. To be really good they should have pointed out that they an other analists had predicted that NT would have 80% market share (of the ENTIRE market) by 1994, yet in '97 has about 30% marketshare in only the server markets -- and half the marketshare (or less) of Macintosh in general.

6/30/97 -- MS-Lawsuit - Borland sues Microsoft. Read all about it!

5/2/97 -- Return of the Pentium FDIV Bug? - Uh oh! The PentiumPro and PentiumII still can't do math. Read about it at Who needs math anyway? The full details available at Intel Secrets site (which is a good place to visit).

Intel is trying to pretend that this is not a big deal -- which is what got them in trouble the last time they had a bug. Honestly it is not THAT big a deal -- but the important part is that Intel's CISC designs are showing their age and frailty with each and every incarnation.

5/1/97 -- MMX is more hype than real? There is also an unconfirmed Rumor (from Cringley who used to be with Infoworld). It has to do with MMX and the fact that Intel wrote the MMX accelerators for Adobe Photoshop. The rumor is -- that while Intel Optimized the filters for MMX, they reduced performance of those filters for non-MMX Pentiums. Since reviewers compare the same version of filters on MMX and Non-MMX Pentiums, they get artificially high improvements for MMX. If reviewers were to compare older (non-MMX optimized) versions of Photoshop filters against the new ones, they would learn that the MMX is giving a much smaller improvement than they think. This means that even the mediocre performance increases claimed for MMX may be exaggerations. Interesting -- but as yet still unconfirmed.

Furthermore, MMX's performance only works on certain filters at certain sizes/parameters. So a Gaussian blur with 4 pixels is up to 400% faster, yet a Gaussian Blur at 5 pixels it is about 10% faster (than non-MMX processors) - bet you don't see that in the marketing.

3/18/97 -- Gates and Co. are selling their stocks again. News.Com story has the details. The question is, do they know something we don't know?!?! Actually this is the second big sell-off in a year. Maybe they realize that the days of the monolithic app and the monopoly on OS's is dwindling, and they want to cash in a bit while they can. Or they just realize that they have no where else to go but down?

Lets face it -- the public is wising up to MS's policies, the FTC, Justice Dept., Congress are all looking into illegal practices by MS. Their stock is at an all time high (based on hype -- not earnings or facts). The big scam is almost over, and MS will likely be adjusted to be valued at a fraction of what they currently are. They still haven't become larger than Apple in Gross Sales or Size (according to the Fortune 500) yet they are total value (Stock) is at something like 50 times what Apple is. Time for people to start bailing.

Created: 07/05/97
Updated: 11/09/02

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