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Apple Easter Eggs
System 7

By: David K. Every
& Daniel Fanton
(C) Copyright 1999 DKE - All Rights Reserved.

System 7.0

Code Names:
System 7: Big Bang, Blue, M80, Pleiades;
System 7.0.1: Road Warrior, Beta Cheese

Floppy Disk Trick (7.0)

Insert a floppy disk and rename it "KMEG JJ KS", or "Like Wow Man.HFS For 7.0!" (where the space after 'Man.' is actually an option-space; you'll have to type this somewhere else like the Note Pad then cut/paste it into the disk name), or "Hello world JS N A DTP" (exactly as is).

Eject the disk using Commad-E and double-click on the ghosted disk icon. The resulting message is "HFS for 7.0 by dnf and ksct". In other words, it is saying "Hierarchical File System for System 7 by David N. Feldman and Kenny S. C. Tung."

Interesting Times (7.0)

With ResEdit, take a look at STR# resource -16415 in the System file. The first string in the resource reads "May you code in interesting times."

Wheat Williams ([email protected]) explains what the egg means: "May you code in interesting times" is a variation on a traditional Chinese taunt or insult, which goes: "May you LIVE in interesting times." It is understood that this means that the Chinese like their lives to be simple and mundane. But to live in "interesting times" means times that life is full of civil unrest and intrigue.

Unused Secret About Box

by Greg Marriott AEE Exclusive

There are more pictures and text at
Greg's home page is at and his internet address is [email protected]

System 7 has a secret about box. I'll bet you didn't know that. Not too many people do. A short time after I joined the Blue Meanies, we started making plans for a secret about box in System 7. It was my job to figure out how to trigger it, what it should contain, and how to hide it in the sources so nobody at Apple would get wise before it was too late to stop us. I talked to a few other Meanies and we came up with a pretty good scheme. The trigger was full of sevens. If there were seven windows with titles having seven letters, and a user chose the seventh menu item in a menu, and that item was currently disabled, then the secret about box would appear. Sheila Brady wrote a poem dedicated to the development team to put in the window. Darin Adler and I spent an evening implementing the triggers in the most obscure way we could devise. The code to bring up the window and the picture containing the poem were hidden in the data fork of the system file. The picture was encrypted and the decryption key was assembled in pieces by the various triggers throughout the toolbox. I did that so if someone ran across the strange looking code in the System file, they still couldn't see what was in the picture. It was cool!

Unfortunately, it had a bug. It crashed an application, and we got caught. A couple of engineers were trying to figure out why this application started crashing, and they backtracked right into our triggering code. It didn't take long for the word to spread and pretty soon we were in deep.

I was ordered to remove it from the system. I complied, of course, but probably not in the way the order-giver intended. I removed all of the triggers, but I left the code and the picture in the System file. So if you've got a copy of 7.0 or 7.0.1, there's a Blue Meanie secret about box lurking around in your System file, with no way to trigger it.

System 7.1

German System Hack (7.1)

From: Ansgar ([email protected])

If you open the german system 7.1, you will find in STR# -5696, line No. 33 the following: "Was ist das?? Steffen Klaren!!" For those who do not speak german, it means "What is this? Steffen find out!".

System 7 Tune-Up 1.1.1

Code Name: 7-Up

The owner resource of this third Tune-Up release contains the question everybody asked when it was released: "Again?". More specifically, I am told by an engineer that it's from Rocky and Bullwinkle:

"Bullwinkle says, 'Hey, Rocky! Watch while I pull a rabbit out of this hat!' Rocky says, in a somewhat exasperated voice, 'Again?' Bullwinkle reaches into the hat, only to pull out something unusual, perhaps a roaring lion's head.

Working on Tune-ups, especially 1.1 and then 1.1.1, was not entirely unlike that."

System 7 Tune-Up 2.x

From: Dieder Bylsma ([email protected])

After the first update, (the first 'tune-up') this second one was released. The way the subsequent installers knew that it (tune-up 2.x) had been released, was a new resource in the System file by the name of 'TUNA'. Get it? Hint: Say it very quickly.

System 7.5


From: Charles DiFazio ([email protected])

Open up your System file (any version including and after System 7.5) with ResEdit. In the lefT resource open up 'ID 0'. The text inside includes "Lefty's Magic Gibbly-Duplicating Resource". If you remember, Gibbly is the code name for the System Enabler. Find some more information under "Gibbly" in the chapter "Interesting Tidbits".

System Resources

In the Strs Resource of the System, open the ID's below to see what Jim Reekes thinks of Apple hardware. I'm scared to see what's in his kitchen.

-6583: Apple Sound Chip hardware specific support. Controls the hardware interrupt and calls up the sound component chain to get audio data for the ASC. Jim Reekes calls this the spatula.

-16579: Utility audio data converter, goes forwards, backwards, changes 8 bit data into 16, 16 into 8, offset binary into twos compliment, twos into offset, it slices, it dices.

-16569: Awacs Sound Chip hardware specific support. Controls the hardware interrupt and calls up the sound component chain to get audio data for the AWACS. Jim Reekes calls this the spatula.

-6580: This is glue between the sound component chain and the sound manager. It gets more audio data when more is requested. Jim Reekes calls this the fridge.

Note: These also appear in the Strs resource of PC Enabler and System 7.5 Update files.

Compare this text to icons displayed in the Miscellaneous chapter.

Also, crack open the i2c resource and look at ID -16783 (the only one). Scroll alway the way to bottom to see "Begin Egret Glue". "Egret" is the code-name for the new clock chip introduced in the Classic II and LC II. "Glue" is the a type of code for driver software. From: Dave Fernandez ([email protected])

Then, take a look in the MENU resource. One of the menus says "Maura", -16489, and the other should say "rAndy", -16490.

Happy New Year!

From: Nobuhiko Yoshida ([email protected])

In system 6.0.7J->7.5.2J (KanjiTalk) "Welcome to Macintosh" is replaced by ìHappy New Yearî in Japanese from January 1 through January 3 every year. The secret message can be seen on any Mac, wherever manufacured, if KanjiTalk is installed.

System 7.6

Code Names: Harmony

Welcome Message

Somewhere, for some reason, in System 7.6 it says "Bluets and Granola Bars, Make a chewy snack." It was a potential easter egg that was supposed to be displayed instead of "Welcome to Macintosh..." at startup. However, it appears now that, for the most part, the egg only shows-up at accidental and awkward times, usually when something in the start-up process is glitchy.

System 7.5.3 (System Update 2.0)

The following eggs are in the designated STR resource ID's of the System Update 2.0 file:

-16572: Output sifter based on the DAV Audio Driver. This beast does not touch hardware directly in an attempt to be more portable.

-20030: Singer Sound Chip hardware specific support. Controls the hardware interrupt and calls up the sound component chain to get audio data for the hardware. Jim Reekes calls this the spatula.

System 7.5.3 Installer Humor

From: Ross Karchner ([email protected])

When installing System 7.5.3 off of the CD, about 7/8 of the way through the installation process, the the line that lists what the installer is doing says "Making Your Macintosh Happy". This may show-up in other installations too.

Created: 08/26/98
Updated: 10/25/03

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