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Apple Easter Eggs
Hardware: AppleII's

By: David K. Every
& Daniel Fanton
(C) Copyright 1999 DKE - All Rights Reserved.

Apple IIe
Apple IIe Code Names: Diana, LCA (Low Cost Apple), Super II

In the Apple IIe, when doing the self-test (control-SolidApple-reset), hold down command. What that does is play a squeaky note during the whole self-test which takes about 10 seconds.

Apple IIgs

Apple IIGS: Cortland, Phoenix (because the project had been revived after being cancelled), Rambo (when the design team was fighting for final approval from the executive staff), Gumby (from an impersonation done at Appleís Halloween parade).

Apple II file management utility: (ancestor of the Macintosh and IIGS Finder), was originally named "Fishhead", but was changed to FID by the Apple programmers after complaints from Apple management. Unknown to management FID stood for "Fishhead In Disguise".

IIgs Finder Easter Eggs:

When running the Finder 1.2 with the GS 4.0 Operating System, if you hold down Option (or on the IIe-upgraded to a IIgs, the solid-Apple key) and select the Apple menu and the 'About the Finder' option, the screen then flips upside-down and back-to-front. Then the "The Apple IIGS Finder" dialog box re-draws the right way up, leaving the background desktop upside-down. The cursor also flips upside-down, but still maintains the proper x-y movement. It is possible, but less common, for the cursor to move in the inverse direction. Upon key-click the normal desktop picture will appear. From: Brendan Bellina ([email protected])

Hold down Shift and Option in System 5.0.2 while selecting the apple menu, and "About the Finder" will be replaced with "About the System". On a ROM 03 IIGS, clicking the pointer in the top area of the "About the System" dialog causes the computer to play the digitized sound of the Apple IIGS Engineers yelling "Apple two". The sound will not play on a ROM 01 IIGS. (There is no ROM 02 IIGS.) From: Brendan Bellina ([email protected])

In System 5.0.4, holding down Option-Shift will change "About the Finder..." to "About the SystemÖ" which brings up dialog box "Apple IIGS System Disk 5.0". There are 5 icons you can click on: GS/OS, Toolbox, Finder etc., Firmware, and SWAdmin. These subsequently give you the names of the people who worked on each part (there's quite a lot of them, and funnily enough some of the same names crop up in the Mac system software credits). From: Shiro Wilde ([email protected] )

Also in System 5.0.4 every fourth time you choose "About the Finder..." from the Apple menu it displays the additional line: "tested by Brenda Knudson & Margarita Sang". From: Shiro Wilde ([email protected] )

When at the "sliding Apple" system death screen, hit Command-Option-N. On the 256K GS (aka ROM 0/1) it will have list of people who worked on it and the 1.125 meg GS (aka ROM 3) will have a list of people plus sound of them yelling "Apple II!" The system death screen results when something bad happens that is unrecoverable. One way to trigger it is to set your boot disk to a particular slot with floppies (rather than scan) and don't put any floppies in the drive.

IIGS Control Panel Eggs:
From: Brendan Bellina ([email protected])

System 5.0.4: Clicking on the Version 1.0 box displayed from within the Control Panel NDA will display a short flying plane animation.

System 6.0.1: Clicking on the Version number displayed from within the Control Panel NDA will display a dialog box containing information about the author and a copyright notice.

System 6.x: Clicking on the phrase "days left in this year" in the Time Control Panel will display the number of "days 'til Christmas".

Other IIgs Easter Eggs:

In System 5.0.4, Setting the auxiliary type of the System:ExpressLoad file to 5254 will make the word "ExpressLoad" appear under the startup thermometer. From: Brendan Bellina ([email protected])

Pressing Control-Option-Open Apple-"N" on the "Check Startup Device" screen (an error screen displayed when the Startup Slot is set to a non-existent or empty disk drive) will display the names of the Apple technicians responsible for the IIGS Firmware, Tools, Hardware, and Diagnostics. From: Brendan Bellina ([email protected])

In the Apple IIgs, when doing the self-test (control-Option-reset), hold down command. What that does is play a squeaky note during the whole self-test which takes about 10 seconds. From: [email protected] (John H. Laughlin)

Created: 08/26/98
Updated: 11/09/02

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