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Apple Easter Eggs

By: David K. Every
& Daniel Fanton
(C) Copyright 1999 DKE - All Rights Reserved.

Original Mac (128K / 512K / 512Ke)

On all the early Mac computers (from the original 128K Mac to the SE), there is a peculiar easter egg. The Mac designers decided to gain some fame and glory by having their signatures etched in raised lettering inside the rear part of the Mac casing.

Steve Jobs felt that Macintosh was a peice of art, and liked to instill pride in his minions -- and since real artists sign their masterpieces, he had employees of the Macintosh division in 1982 affix their signatures to a large sheet of paper. The signatures were then etched into the core of the tooling used for the inside of the original Macintosh. It was used until the the mold finally wore out. The signatures were from early in 1982 when the Mac was supposed to be released -- so the list was not exactly complete, and some signatures were added and others dropped (for various reasons) -- but it was a nice attempt to immortalize the hard work that went into the machine.

This is quite a contrast in philosophy to Gates and Microsoft -- Gates didn't believe programmers names should EVER be seen in a product, and has done his best to prevent it.

Look closely and you will see all 47 Mac team members on the box of those early computers.

  1. Peggy Alexio - Area Associate
  2. Collette Askeland - Circuit Board Designer
  3. Bill Atkenson - QuickDraw and MacPaint
  4. Robert L. Belleville - Engineering Manager
  5. Mike Boich - Software Evangelist
  6. Bill Bill - Designed "No Fan" solution, cables, keyboard, mouse
  7. Matt Carter - Manufacturing Manager
  8. Berry Cash - Marketing and Sales
  9. Debi Coleman - Controller
  10. George Crow - Analog Board
  11. Donn Denman - Alarm Clock, NotePad and MacBasic
  12. Chis Espinosa - Manuals and TechDoc
  13. Bill Fernandez - Engineering Jack-of-all-trades
  14. Martin P. Haeberli - Memory Manager and MacTerminal
  15. Andy Hertzfeld - Lots of the Toolbox
  16. Joanna K. Hoffman - Marketing Plan
  17. Rod Holt - Power Supply
  18. Bruce Horn - Finder, Dialog Manager, Resource Manager
  19. Hap Horn - Linear Circuit Designer
  20. Brian Howard - Digital QA and Validation
  21. Steven P. Jobs - Manager
  22. Larry Kenyon - File System, Drivers, Bootstrap
  23. Patti King - Software Library
  24. Daniel Kottke - prototypes & troubleshooter
  25. Angeline Lo - Programmer
  26. Ivan Mach - Manufacturing Designer
  27. Jerrold C. Manock - Industrial Design Manager
  28. Mary-Ellen McCammon - Area Associate (Marketing)
  29. Vicki Milledge - Human Resources
  30. Micheal Murray - Director of Marketing
  31. Ronald H. Nocholson Jr. - Digital Harware Engineer
  32. Terry A. Oyama - Housing Design
  33. Benjamin Pang - Industrial Design
  34. Jef Raskin - Original Project Manager (Team Founder)
  35. Ed Riddle - Keyboard Design
  36. Brian Robertson - Purchasing and Supply Management
  37. David H. Roots - Keyboard and Disk Drive Design
  38. Particial Sharp - Jobs' Admin. Assistant
  39. Burrel Smith - Digital Board Designer
  40. Bryan Stearns - MacBasic UI
  41. Lynn Takahashi - Jobs' Area Associate
  42. Guy L. Tribble III - Software Engineering Manager
  43. Randy Wigginton - MacWrite
  44. Linda Wilkin - Tech Doc Manager
  45. Steve Wozniak - Disk Drive Controller, and guru (left due to Airplane Accident)
  46. Pamela G. Wyman - User Manuals
  47. Laszlo Zsidek - Manufacturing Engineer (Tooling)


Created: 09/17/98
Updated: 11/09/02

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