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Hardware Codenames


ImageWriter / StyleWriter

  • ImageWriter II: Express
  • StyleWriter: Franklin, Mighty Mouse, Salsa, Tabasco
  • StyleWriter II: Speedracer
  • Color StyleWriter: Logo
  • Color StyleWriter 2200: Calamari
  • Color StyleWriter 2400: Aurora
  • Color StyleWriter Pro: Fantasia, Logo
  • Color StyleWriter 4100: Cabo
  • Color StyleWriter 4500: Baja


  • LaserWriter: LightWriter
  • LaserWriter LS: Nike
  • LaserWriter NT: Twist
  • LaserWriter SC: Shout
  • LaserWriter IIf: Kirin Dry (a Japanese beer)
  • LaserWriter IIg: Kirin (another beer)
  • LaserWriter IINT: Leia
  • LaserWriter IINTX: Darth Vader
  • LaserWriter IISC: Solo
  • LaserWriter Pro 600: Tollhouse
  • LaserWriter Select 300: Ninja
  • LaserWriter Select 360: Viper
  • LaserWriter 12/640 PS: Mongoose
  • Personal LaserWriter 300: Comet
  • Personal LaserWriter 320: Photon
  • Personal LaserWriter LS: Nike
  • Personal LaserWriter NT: Twist
  • Personal LaserWriter SC: Shout
  • Personal LaserWriter: Capriccio


Apple Monitors

  • Macintosh 12" RGB Display: Mai Tai
  • Apple Color Plus 14" Display: Dragon
  • Apple AudioVision 14" Display: Telecaster
  • Macintosh 16" Color Display: Goldfish
  • Apple Studio Display: Manta
  • AppleVision 1710 Display: Hammerhead
  • AppleVision 1710AV Display: Sousa
  • Macintosh 21" Color Display: Vesuvio (maybe related to the volcano that buried Pompeii in A.D. 79)
  • Macintosh 21" Monochrome Display: Fred, Kong (its colossal size is reminiscent of King Kong)

Other Monitors

  • Radius Color LCD: Ptolemy
  • RasterOps ColorBoard264: Cheapskate
  • SuperMac PDQ: Snap
  • SuperMac Thunder/24: Pop (from Rice Krispies, Milk never saw the light of day)
  • SuperMac Thunder/8: Crackle (also from Rice Krispies)
  • Radius flat-panel pivoting color LCD: Ptolemy


  • Apple Standard Keyboard: Eastwood
  • Apple Keyboard II: Elmer, Dvrfer
  • Apple Adjustable Keyboard: Norsi
  • Apple Extended Keyboard: Dörfer (Ed Colby's nickname), Saratoga (named after the aircraft carrier because of size; prototypes had small model carriers decorated on them)
  • MacPlus Keyboard: Nimitz (another aircraft carrier)
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II: Elmer
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II: Topogigo (Europe & Latin America's equivalent to Mickey Mouse)

Scanners / Digital Cameras

  • OneScanner: Half-Dome (a famous cliff in Yosemite, assumably the first picture they scanned), Ping-Pong
  • OneScanner 600/27: Rio
  • Onescanner 1200/30: New Orleans
  • OneScanner for Windows: WinDome
  • QuickTake 100: Venus



  • Apple 871 Floppy Drive: Twiggy (used in the Lisa 1)
  • Apple Hard Disk 400SC: A Ts'ah (Japanese for eagle), Eagle
  • Apple PowerCD: Tulip
  • AppleCD 600: Hollywood
  • AppleCD 800: Stingray

Other (removables)

  • Iomega JAZ drive: Viper
  • SyQuest EZ135: RoadRunner

Motherboard / Case Designs

  • iMac: Columbus (will reportedly use similar motherboard as Apple Media Player)
  • PowerMac G3: Gossamer
  • PowerMac G3 Pro: Gossamer II, Yosemite
  • PowerMac G3 Pro case: El Capitan (the ultimate climbers challenge at Yosemite)
  • PowerMac 5400/6400: Alchemy, Gazelle (enhanced model)
  • PowerMac 8500/9500: Tsunami
  • PowerMac 8600/9600: Kansas
  • PowerMac 8600/9600 case: K2 (like the 2nd highest mountain on earth)
  • Motorola StarMax systems: Tanzania

PowerBook / PB Duo / Newton Harware

  • PowerBook 100 Conner Peripherals HD: Elwood (as in the Blues brother, 40MB configuration), Jake (The other Blues Brother, 20MB configuration)
  • PowerBook 100 internal modem: O'Shanter & Bess
  • PB Duo Dock II: Atlantis
  • PB Duo MiniDock: Spaniard
  • PB Duo Floppy Adapter: Blackwatch
  • PB Trackpad: Midas (after the mythological king that turned everything he touched into gold)
  • Newton MessagePad 110 Charging Station: Crib


  • AppleTalk Internet Router: North (for Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North who routed Iranian arms sale to the Nicaraguan Contras)
  • ISDN NuBus Card: CarCraft
  • Apple Freedom Network: Frogger

PCI - PDS - Nubus - Other

  • iMac I/O Controller: Paddington
  • PowerPC Upgrade Card: STP (after the automobile fuel additive)
  • PowerPC Upgrade for PB 5x0: Malcom
  • Power Mac AV Card: Planaria
  • PowerBook 3400c PCI bus technology: PowerStar
  • Quicktime 3D Accelerator Card: White Magic
  • PC Compatibility Card /w Intel 486: Gaucho
  • PC Compatibility Card /w Pentium: Grand Illusion
  • Apple PC Drive Card: Emerald City
  • PCI MPEG-1 Video Card: San Francisco
  • IIe LC PDS card: Double Exposure
  • Quadra 610 DOS PDS card: Houdini (maybe because it took Houdini to make DOS-compatible Macs), Royal Scam
  • IIgs Video Overlay Card: Gumby, Pokey
  • Mac II Hi-Res Monochrome Card: Bob the Card
  • Mac II 21" Monochrome Card: Barney
  • AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor Video Card: Toby
  • Mac IIci Cache Card: American Express, Optima (tacky joke, both are "cash cards")
  • LocalTalk serial card: Livonia
  • IIe LC PDS card: Double Exposure
  • IIgs Video Overlay Card: Gumby, Pokey

Other Apple Hardware

  • AppleDesign Powered Speakers: Badger
  • AppleDesign Powered Speakers II: Baby Badger
  • 1MB Apple Inline Cache: Sam-I-Am
  • AISS: Making Waves
  • Apple IIgs Video Cards: Gumby, Pokey (one became Video Overlay Card)
  • Mac 128k ROMs: L-H -- which got nicknames like "Lonely Hears".
  • 32 Bit CPU ROMs (MacII, IIx, SE): A-B-C-D -- "Ala Baster Can Delabra"

Created: 08/03/98
Updated: 11/09/02

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