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For the Legal Beagles
Watch me cover my butt.

By:David K. Every
©Copyright 1999

First off let me say that all companies own their respective names, logos, (tm), (c), (r), and other stuff. If you want me to change something on my site - then ask.

If you hurt yourself while reading my pages, or attempting any of the stunts mentioned therein, then that is your own damn fault -- go away and suit someone else. I take no responsibility and accept no liability for any inaccuracies... in fact it was all a sick joke -- get over it.

I do not speak for anyone but myself, and have no money worth suing for. But I'll say all this other stuff try to cover my butt further (even though I know that some lawyers are scum that can crush the spirit of the law and twist the interpretation of any law to meet their sick needs of any given time - and will do so for a mere 50% of the take).

I don't work for Apple (1) -- Apple may, or may not, know of my sites existence. I speak for myself, only myself, and in no way should my opinions be misconstrued to be Apples opinions (or anyone elses). I even try to not violate my NDA's (as a developer) and I don't mention anything that I know that I'm not supposed to admit that I know -- you know?

(1) I don't work for Apple as an employee -- I've done some small consulting tasks for Apple, through a placement agency, but that hardly counts.

Apple, Macintosh, MacOS, System 7 (in fact anything containing a 7), System 8 are Apples (c) Copyrights, trademarks(tm) or are basically Apples to have and hold, in sickness and in health, until through suits they do part. Apple also owns the terms True Type, Cyberdog, OpenDoc, QuickTime, QuickDraw, AppleEvents, AppleScript, ADB, PowerMac, Performa, AppleVision, Pippin, Finder, Desktop, SWIM chip, IWOZ and more. Also most of the number sequences like 7500/100, 5200cd, Quadra700 or most other model numbers I use (referring to Macs) is probably Apple's as well. Claris Home Page, MacDraw, MacWrite, MacPaint, ClarisWorks, and anything else with Claris, HyperCard or Mac-something is probably the property of Claris -- and because Apple owns Claris, it is the property of Apple. In fact I probably can not complete a whole sentence without using something that is Apple's. <- see!

PowerPC is definitely IBM's... but then so is EPCDIC.

Anything with MS in it is Microsoft's... along with the name Bob. I have a friend that still uses his name, but since Microsoft owns it, he probably owes them royalties. Microsoft somehow got the rights to the name "Windows" (some judge was smoking crack that day) -- but in a fit of hypocracy argued that another company could not have license to the name "Internet Explorer" since it was too generic. That just destroyed what little remaining faith I had in the intelligence of our judges.

Intel owns the name Pentium (derived from the stanic symbol the pentigram, I assume). But they don't own x86 or any of the numbers related to their processors (8086, 80486, and so on). Good, I was worried that I would have to pay them to do math -- or have to skip certain numbers completely.

Anyone else having a complaint about me forgetting to mention their (c)copyright, (tm)trademark or (r) registered trademark, then send me the complaint and I will correct the offending omission - or mail your complaint to "[email protected]" or see the complaint page at "".

Site Created by: David K Every © Copyright 1997 - 1998 DKE. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer ~ This site was created for fun (2) and is a collection of facts, figures and opinions. If you have a problem with something I've written, then you are welcome to send me "corrections" and I will do my best to verify them and update the site accordingly.

I have also taken literary license to quote other articles (and occasionally snip for brevity). I do not intend to take people out of context when snipping, if you have any questions or concerns then please check the original article or talk to the authors. I do my best to quote sources and point to the originals when possible (2).

(2) Contrary to popular opinion, I DO have a life!

Any resemblances to people or sites living, dead or undead, are simply by accident.

Created: 2/25/97
Updated: 11/09/02

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