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David K. Every
<[email protected]>


Accomplished Senior Software Engineer with 18+ years experience in software development. Worked in Commercial, Educational, Aerospace, BioMedical industries, doing consulting and full time employment. Specialized in Systems Architecture, Human Interface design and development (and graphics). Also did communications, low level diagnostics and device control. Did consulting for many businesses to install and integrate computer solutions (software and hardware).

Strengths are in taking a project from inception to completion, through all stages of the engineering process. Excellent at facilitating communications between engineering, customers, management and marketing. A self-motivated individual who believes in getting things done, is adept at becoming an asset to the company for which he works; this has allowed for the diverse experience. Excellent communication skills, enjoys working with teams of people, and on individual projects. Assumes many roles; leader, peer or subordinate. Learns extremely quickly, and enjoys challenges. Focused on customer solutions.


Looking for a career opportunity that will offer growth potential for the long haul. Tired of patching problems as a consultant, and looking towards opportunities to help companies avoid creating engineering problems in the first place (thereby reducing total development and maintenance costs). Seeks to become a serious long term contributor at a company with a bright future, in order to make a real difference for the customer. Will relocate. Flexible salary.


TeraGLOBAL Communications Corp. (employee: 8/98 - 4/99)

Systems Architect responsible for TeraCOM project, setup CM (Configuration Management), managed team of 10+ programmers, and was a Macintosh integration specialist.

Intuit (contract: 3/98 - 8/98)

Worked on the MacinTax software package -- specifically on User Interface using PowerPlant.

Jostens Learning (employee: 1/95 - 3/98)

Developed educational management software, database management systems for delivering curriculum and tracking and reporting on student results. Team Lead for the RIMS-II Management System (MacApp, C++, using AppleShare and Sybase/SQL Database back end). The Company replaced the RIMS-II System with Advantage System. Responsible for User Interface design and implementation using MacApp (C++, RogueWave, Novell 4.3 network, B-trieve SQL Database), also did some cross platform development for Windows (using Borland). Trained in Visual C++ (MFC) for follow on (project was canceled). Supported, and programmed, for the Compass Management System (proprietary C based Framework using Codewarrior and Visual C++ using TCP/IP and CTree Database). Working on "Everest", a Java-Based management system. Did Tool Evaluation (variety of Java Tools), did design and prototype implementation code (Symantec VisualCafe).

Johnson-Grace / America On-Line (contract: 12/94 - 1/95)

Created graphics compression software and tools (used by AOL and Microsoft), using CodeWarrior (C). Small (4 week) contract to work out reentrancy problems with their Mac implementation of their algorithm, create a developer tool for compressing and decompressing images using their ARTS image format.

Third Point Systems (contract: 3/94 - 9/94)

Developed a customized multimedia and information collection System (used by the Saudi Govt.) using MPEG, QuickTime and for doing device control (CodeWarrior, C). Responsible for writing vital communications code, using the Mac to do device control (VCR's, laserdiscs, tuners, satellite receivers, radio receivers, mass storage systems, MPEG encoders/decoders using IR and direct serial communications), working with an ATM network. Was also responsible for doing device evaluation and integration and getting the many complex systems to work together.

American Zettler, Inc. (employee: 5/92 - 1/94)

Lead Engineer (3 person team). Developed a NurseCall system (C++, ObjectPascal, MacApp) - a complex system for monitoring patients requests, administration activities, and logging events. Required real time data-acquisition system and device control. Mac monitored hundred of patient controlled switches, reported and logged the status of calls (in a proprietary Object Database), opened audio communication channels (using proprietary phone-like switching hardware). Passed patient requests to nurses using Motorola RF-Pager system, and turned on lights and audible alarms based on status. Multiple Macs communicated together (using AppleTalk and custom communication code) to control whole hospitals, and pass patient information from area to area. Created and hire the Q.A. dept.

WorkStation Technologies, Inc. (contract: 1/92 - 4/92)

Developed QT-VCR, a Commercial Software package for the Macintosh, for capturing and editing Video Sequences using QuickTime (Symantec C, Assembly). This product was bundled with hardware (a real-time Video Capture and Video Conferencing cards), for WTi, E-Machines, and Northern Telecom. Also designed software tools for manufacturing, and engineering feasibility. Developed a proprietary Hardware/Software dithering algorithm.

Spectramed (contract: 9/91- 12/91)

Designed and Modeled the user interface (Man-Machine Interface) for a multi-function Blood Analyzer, including controlling I/O and related technical documents (C, embedded controller, custom libraries).

Alcon (contract: 3/91- 9/91, 4/92)

Designed and Modeled the user interface for the Gemini Medical Instrument (a computer controlled surgical laser) including all controlling I/O and related technical documents (Windows, Meta-Windows, C).

Baxter-Edwards [Critical Care] (contracts: 11/93 - 1/94, 3/93 - 5/93, 2/88 - 3/91)

Developed many medical instruments (using DOS, C, PASCAL, Custom Libraries). Did User Interface design and implementation, from custom low level graphics drivers through to end level user interface. Did critical communications, algorithm work. Worked with marketing and customers in developing the user interfaces (HyperCard, Visual Basic). On-site Macintosh administrator (user training, software installation, network administration, connectivity).

Rockwell [Collins] (contract: 3/85 - 1/88)

Responsible for the critical communications software used in satellite communications (Assembly Language, Fortran). Project Lead. Responsible for creation of a proprietary real-time interpretive language used for diagnostics and self-test (INIT/BIT) (Assembly Language).

Rockwell [NAAO] / Hughes / Cubic (contracts: 12/82 - 1/85, 1/94 - 4/94)

Designed and developed training and simulations (Fortran) for Rockwell. Subcontracted to Cubic as on-site specialist and trainer. Hired back for small follow-on contract using ADA.

Pertec Computer Corporation - MITS (employee: 6/82 - 12/82)

Developed and programmed LAN networking software and tools. Did Q.A. testing and validation of Operating Systems (Proprietary, UNIX, PIC, C, Basic). Created simulation programs for testing compilers, real-time executives, local area network (LAN), and communications links (SNA, 3270).

Brunswick (contract: 3/81 - 8/81)

Design, developed and installed a real-time hardware testing system (ATE), used for local and on-sight testing of various hardware systems (Basic, Assembly, IEEE-488).


Created and maintains a web site for teaching computer concepts, human interface issues, advocating technology (Macs), and for tracking changes in the Macintosh industry. <>

An experienced Martial Artist (chief instructor) who trained in many martial arts for 15 years. Taught classes in business, sales, instruction, advertising and communications at an Martial Arts Instructors College. Wrote a Student Training Manual for the martial arts.

Experience working at various computer retailers (and for other companies), as a salesman, computer consultant, programmer, service technician, and Value-added-reseller (VAR). Worked at various locations as an on-site system manager for microcomputer systems; recommending the hardware and software configurations required for the companies needs, then installing and debugging the various systems (IS/IT). Was the technician responsible for setting up and supporting networks and users. Has done instruction for companies training people in using computers, operating systems, and applications (including Vertical-Applications).

As Consultant did custom programming in FORTRAN, BASIC, and ASSEMBLY languages for many schools and businesses. Designed and programmed a proprietary Editor/Assembler/Debugger.

Done Graphics Design work for artwork, advertisements, logos, design and documentation. He has also been working in the area of MultiMedia. Developed commercial multimedia projects using QuickTime™.


Apple (Macintosh, Apple II), IBM's and Compatibles (Windows, MS-DOS) , Commodore (Amiga, 64, CBM), Atari (ST, 800 series), Motorolla 68000 Series (CP/M 68K), 6800 Series, Zilog Z80 (CP/M), Intel 80X86, 8051, 8031 (¡RMX, NDS / ISIS), Mostek / Rockwell 6500 Series (AIM, KIM), DEC VAX-Series (VMS), IBM 370 (MUSIC), Raytheon AN/UYK-64(V), Rolm MSE-14 (ARTS) + 1600 Series, Hewlett Packard 3000, Gould-Sel 32/XX (MPX), PERTEC 3200 (Proprietary, PIC, UNIX), General Automation Mini, Data General MV-Series (AOS/VS) + S-140 (RDOS) + NOVA Series


Java (1+ year), C & C++ (8+ years), Assembly Languages (5+ years), ADA, PL/M 51+ 86 (3 years), PASCAL (Object), BASIC, FORTRAN (4, 77, IFTRAN), APL, COBOL, Database Languages, Proprietary Languages, Scripting Languages



AWT & JFC (<1 year), MacApp (4 years), PowerPlant, MFC, proprietary (5 years).


AWT & JFC (<1 year), MacApp (4 years), TCL, PowerPlant, MFC, proprietary (5 years), MPW, MacApp,Think (C, C++, Pascal), ResEdit , ReEdit, Resorcerer, ViewEdit, Constructor, Object Master, AppMaker, Prototyper, Hypercard, Metrowerks debugger SADE, Jasik's, SourceBug, MacsBug, MS BASIC,MacBasic, 68000 Assembler, MacAsm

MicroSofts Developer Studio, Borland, Proprietary and embedded Development tools

ICE, I2ICE emulators, Hardware/Network Analyzers



Secret [Comm-Sec], Classified / Confidential


Continuing: Specialty courses on many subjects including; Java (UCSD), OOD/OOP (MADA-CON), Microsoft Training (MFC, Visual C++), Apple Training (AltiVec, OOD, Developer University, Advanced MacApp, RhapFest, WWDC), many seminars, product trainings and general developer trainings, plus an avid reader.

Orange Coast College - 1983-1985, Costa Mesa, CA -- Electronics (Digital and Analog), Graphic Arts, Computer Programming

Olivet Nazarene University - 1982, Kankakee, IL -- Software Engineering, Math

Created: 4/08/99
Updated: 11/09/02

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