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Helping with MacKiDo

Would you like to be part of MacKiDo?

I am always looking for other people to contribute to MacKiDo. This site is a personal website that got out of hand. This site is a lot of work -- fortunately, there are people working with MacKiDo (me) for common goals -- which is offering information to the (Mac) Computer Community, and maybe getting a little name recognition or experience for themselves.

Fred Giuffrida has been doing AppleBits for a while. MacKiDo was able to offer him another place for him to put AppleBits, and increase his exposure. It also helps increase MacKiDo's exposure. Perfect Win-Win synergy. Hopefully other would like to get involved in the same way.

It is hard for specialty sites or a few good articles to get the exposure they deserve. But lots of such articles, subsections (sub-sites) can feed off of each other, and combine into a federation of individuals all helping each other cross promote each others work.

The goal is to have many individuals helping each other, and helping the community. This will create a great resource site -- made up of many smaller sites. With individuals getting credit for their sub-sites (work). But by having people drawn to MacKiDo on a regular basis for others work, it would help increase the exposure of anything put up.

MacKiDo is not intended to be a business venture... but if someone wanted to take over managing Advertising for MacKiDo, then that would be great too. The goal being to figure out a way to get MacKiDo to pay out contributors to the site (and cover costs).

If you have any interest in doing any of these things, then just let me (David Every) know. If I drop an article submission or email (and don't respond), you have to be willing to keep on emailing me -- I get so much email that it is hard to stay on top of everything.

Areas where you could help:

The workload varies from a little bit each month (or once), to doing a daily or weekly sub-site. The amount of work you would choose is up to you.

Examples of areas where I'd like to expand MacKiDo (or that would be complimentary to others):

  • Links -- I'd love to merge with someone who runs a Mac Links page, or someone who would like to help or take over, expand and maintain the Links section.
  • Humor -- I'd like to find someone who wants to take over a daily or weekly Humor section. I can provide a LOT of articles to be formatted.
  • Reference -- This is a tough one. But I'd love for people to help me research (and maintain) the Reference section. So that I can add all articles that support Pro-Mac or Anti-Intel / MS information (as a way to combat the misinformation and bias that exists). This could be one coordinator, and a lot of contributors. More a reference version of what Evangelist or Mac Marines are sometimes doing.
  • Research -- There is always a ton of Research to do. Find related article on given topics and the like. I enjoy it, but it takes a lot of time.
  • Reviews -- Again, I'd love to find a Review site, and merge with them (or sites that have Reviews) and expand (or take over) that section.
  • FAQ's -- I'd like to create many bibliographies of books, article links, site links, and basic tutorials to help people get started on various specialty subjects. I would love it if other who want to do this would make their works available on MacKiDo.
  • I'd also love some help for creating more "Indexes" -- like the Games Review Index. Having individuals do these for many different topic areas, and maintaining them. I can help teach people how -- and these offer a real neat service to users.
  • I'm always looking for good articles. If you have any areas of expertise or unique perspectives -- then I may have a place to publish those ideas.
  • I'd also love to absorb some of the Mac e-zines that are out there. If they do business with advertisers and the like, then maybe they could take over that for both themselves and MacKiDo.
  • Translations -- I don't mind having my articles translated for other languages, thus allowing for more advocacy in other parts of the world. If you are fluently bilingual, then give it a shot. If you want to do (or already do) a foreign advocacy site, you can use my translated articles on your site -- as long as I can keep copies on MacKiDo (and I will point people to your site as well).

And of course there are other areas that I may not have thought of... be creative. I'd love to have a section that points to all the Mac User-Groups across the world, and tells people how to get involved. Or a section that is targeted towards education and helping teachers, students and administrators get the information and support they need. And so many more. Just let me know what you'd like to do, or what specialty area you'd like to promote -- get involved.

Created: 03/28/98
Updated: 11/09/02

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