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Q:Who do you trust? Answer: no one!

By:David K. Every
©Copyright 1999

Think of the internet as "the net of 1,000 lies". This is a bastion of free speech. But do not forget that free does not always mean "correct"!

This site is a collection of my opinions. I am a professional in computers, and I feel that my opinions are founded in facts, and I will try to support my opinions -- but any cretin with a computer can create a web page. Never forget that!

I (or anyone else) could be lying to you -- and misrepresenting our own credentials.

Those of us who have been on the internet for a while, know that any prepubescent teen can (try to) pass themselves off as a Doctor, Teacher or a Researcher. They can pass themselves off as a 33 year old software engineer -- and many of them are smart enough to do a good job. Remember - "Everything is not what is seems".

People can lie through their teeth and misinform people -- and there are a variety of reasons people do so.

  • Some may do it because they are ignorant or mistaken -- I've seen that on more than a few sites.
  • Some people lie for their own personal gain, and call that marketing or salesmanship.
  • Some lie or misinform for more nefarious reasons.
  • Others tell the truth -- but not the WHOLE truth.

I recommend that you question everything you read -- keep your skepticism and objectivity in place! You don't have to prove everything right or wrong -- but don't blindly trust things just because you read it. This does not apply to just the Internet .

I've seen (heard) many errors in the press, on the radio and on television. If something doesn't sound right, then check it out. Just because you see it in the press or on TV does not make it true.

Many people realize the press is wrong, when it comes to their area of expertise, but then blindly trust the press when it is not their area of expertise. I don't think that is very wise. Use your own common sense, and if you don't believe something fight back. Find the proof and make a web page of your own -- the Internet is a way to fight back against misinformation (as well as a tool to perpetuate it). The internet will be judged based on the ratio of the educated and factual, to the error-ridden and ignorant. Help improve that ratio.

If you doubt something that I've said, then check it out. If you find me in error, challenge me. The same for other sites. Even more so for the press and the media -- as they are getting away with perpetuating misinformation and errors as facts.

I know this article may seem ridiculously obvious -- but it may not be obvious to some. There are many things I take for granted that others do not seem to understand -- like my rights to life, liberty, property, free speech, etcetera. Pacifists are often forced to fight for what they believe in -- I believe in the truth.

I think the errors and lies on the internet serve a purpose. They will teach people to be critical thinkers -- to challenge and question more -- to check things out -- to think! We have to break out of the herd-following mentality. It is too easy to fall into ruts, and let others think for us. I see disgusting examples of it daily here in America, and it can be worse abroad. Don't do that! Question things. Verify. Challenge. Learn! THINK! But don't trust what you get on the internet.

Created: 05/03/97
Updated: 11/09/02

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