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Mac Easter Eggs
Helping out

By: David K. Every
& Daniel Fanton
(C) Copyright 1999 DKE - All Rights Reserved.

Brian Kendig inspired this list with his list, which was the first easter egg compilation of any kind (that I know of). James Wang, and Ngai Chi-ho both started their Easter Egg documentation years ago and created a good foundation. Daniel Fanton added to that and took it a lot further, and compiled the most comprehensive list out there. David Pogue collected the eggs and put them into a book. I (David Every) have been reworking Daniel's list, trying to find any other eggs that I can find, putting it in an even more comprehensive web form, adding the graphics (and what they all look like), and trying to maintain the list and keep it up to date.

New Easter Eggs or Questions?

Of course this list couldn't be possible without reader help (hint) -- so I welcome the assistance. I have spent many hours of my own time searching for these easter eggs in many computer systems. But I need your help to obtain more easter eggs to add to this list. So, if you find one please send me a letter. In fact, I challenge you to find any easter egg that I don't already have. If you have any more easter eggs then read the instructions below and if you send me an easter egg that I do not already have, I will add your name and email address to this list of contributors (unless otherwise specified).

Sending Me Easter Eggs!

  1. Before you send the egg, check and double-check that it is not in this file.
  2. Send the Version numbers (for both your system and the application with the egg)
  3. Explain how to access the egg from the start-up of your computer with step-by-step instructions. I can delete any excess information later -- but if I can't duplicate it, I can't add the egg.
  4. Explain what kind of Mac you have and your full name (and if you want your email to appear).
  5. A screen shot (Command-Shift-3) of the easter egg would also be great (if possible).
  6. Make sure you are not sending me an undocumented trick. If it enhances the productivity of the software, it is not an easter egg.
  7. Finally, you need to check your mail a day or two after you send the egg just in case I have any further questions. I will always reply to messages.
  8. Send the egg (a message or questions) to

Thanks in advance...

I am changing the format a bit, and trying to add screen captures for all the eggs -- if you have the equipement or OS mentioned for an egg that I don't have a capture (image) of that one yet, send me an email or screen snapshot -- I'd love to document it for posterity (and give you credit). Some may be hard to get, and we'll have to see about other ways to get the image (snapshot out). Just contact me...

The following is a list of the people that have helped with the Easter Eggs:

  • Aaron ( - OpenDoc / Marathon reference
  • Mukesh Agrawal ( - 7200 Software CD
  • Ansgar ( - German Map Eggs
  • John Bafford ( - Monitors and Sound Face
  • Brendan Bellina ( - TV Setup (1.0.1), AppleScript Balloons
  • Dan Berger - Apple Data Detectors, AppleScript Editor (+cursor), Color Pickers (2.1), Desktop Pictures (1.0), PowerBook File Assistant, Users & Groups (8.0),
  • Guido Bertoncini ( - PC Setup
  • Jon Bodner ( - Duo Dock info
  • Nigel Brady ( - AppleScript Applets
  • Brad Brown ( - Rot13 for System 6
  • Matt Brubeck ( Performa CD
  • Patricia Burch-Vaughn ( - DuoDock 17 people pict
  • Dieder Bylsma ( - Startup Tuner
  • Chris Callac ( - Graphing Calc's "Not an Egg".
  • - MacAdvocate CD
  • Bill Colsher ( - MPW Projector Messages
  • Anastasia Cook ( - Stickies "Dead Beef"
  • Jonathan Cooper - QuickTime Startup
  • Patrick Dekker (PDekker@rullf2.MedFac.LeidenUniv.NL) - Energy Saver (1.1), ThreadsLib
  • Avi Drissman ( - QuickDrawQX "more choices"
  • Doug Drudik ( - info about Apple Service Numbers
  • Yann Duguay ( - Ram Doubler and Macs Bug (6.5.4a1)
  • Felix The Cat ( - MacsBug Balloon
  • Christian Flintrup - SytleWriter 2400 Verification
  • Chris Gervais ( - QT Inactive Movie reference
  • Bernt Guldbrandtsen ( - Monitors & Sound Control Panel (1.3.2) With An AppleVision Monitor Installed
  • Ed Hajdarpasic ( - Control Strip
  • George Halldin ( - Holy Hand-grenade Help
  • Ben Haylock ( - AppleFax
  • Brett Helbig ( - Open Transport Control Panels: TCP/IP (1.2), AppleTalk (1.1), Modem (1.0.1)
  • Peter F. Jarvis ( and John Kessler - Power PC Control Panel
  • Jory ( - Editor Setup (1.2.1)
  • Evan Klinger ( - Assistant Toolbox
  • Andrew Koch ( - MacsBug (Resedit)
  • Matthew Lamont ( - Traps.h
  • Scott Liddick ( - corrections on MacsBug 6.5.4a1
  • Jonathan Lipkin ( - Color Picker (quote reference).
  • Greg Marriott - System 7.0 CD Parade
  • Greg Morin ( - QuickDraw3D Resource (1.0.6).
  • Raul Regalado ( - PowerTalk
  • Michael Ring ( - 7.5 Mood Swings
  • Rene G.A. Ros ( - Gestalt Selectors
  • Larry Rosenstein ( - MPW Projector Messages
  • Adam Sander ( - PowerBook 1400 added to the list
  • Joshua See ( - eMate eggs
  • Eric N. Shapiro ( - OpenDoc DR6 CD
  • Edward Shryane ( - QuickTime Picture
  • John M. Sully (jms20@po.CWRU.Edu) - QuickDraw3D Balloon (1.0.6).
  • Glenn Thomas ( - 7.5 Group CD Hidden Movies
  • Unknown ( - Allegro
  • Jeff Weitzman ( - Finder 1.1g Skier
  • Andrew Wellington - QuickTake Image Access, Applet Runner 2.0
  • Jeffrey Wheeler ( - Mickey
  • Andrew Wellington - Apple File Exchange
  • Adam Winer ( - Inside Mac Volume VI
  • Doug Wilson ( - QuickDraw3D Viewer
  • Eric S. Wilson (FreefallML) - AV Monitor Software
  • Charles Wiltgen ( - QuickDrawGX
  • Colin Wirth ( - QuickTime PowerPlug string, 7.5 "Infobahn"
  • Moral support and editing by Heath Hewitt ( and Dan Pfefferbaum


Created: 08/26/98
Updated: 10/25/03

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